Trend Forex System - Learn A Powerful Forex Trading System That Works

Friday, November 23, 2007

Trend Forex System - Learn A Powerful Forex Trading System That Works
This forex trading system works and I will recommend this to anybody. As long as they follow the rules and stick to proper money management they can make ...
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Forex Toolbar - The FX-BAR Forex Toolbar Tutorial

Monday, November 19, 2007

Forex toolbar can be downloaded at:

This is the FX-BAR FREE Forex toolbar tutorial. Once you download the toolbar you will be able to:
Get various Forex news headlines and live Forex quotes automatically!

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Chat with other Forex traders who have the toolbar installed!

Search from anywhere on the web.

Get notified when you receive new e-mails to your POP3, Yahoo!, Gmail, or Hotmail accounts.

The toolbar is completly safe to download. You can download it at:

Enjoy the toolbar!

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How to Save $5000 on Forex Trading Training and Get it Free

This video exposes how so many Forex training programs provide very little useful content for the price and how you can obtain more ... all » information for very inexpensive and even for free. This video is part of a series that is created to enable persons who are interested in Forex trading to save months of years of frustration and quickly achieve the results that very few achieve.

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Bid and Ask or Buy and Sell

There are always two numbers given after the currency pair, the first always has a smaller numerical value then the second. This can once again be shown using the same example (EUR/USD 1.2660 1.2663). The first number is known as the "Bid" or "Sell" and the second number is known as the "Ask", the "Offer" or "Buy".

The smaller number or the Bid (Sell) (1.2660) represents that price where one can sell the major currency and buy the secondary currency; sell the EUR and buy the USD. The second price the Ask (BUY) (1.2663) represents the price where one can buy the major currency and sell the secondary; buy the EUR and sell the USD.

In the trading window below the trader is able to buy the EUR against the USD at 1.2847 or sell the EUR and buy the USD at 1.2844. The trader is also able to buy the USD against the JPY at 117.60 and sell the USD and buy the JPY at 117.57.

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Currency Pairs

Currency Pairs: Each currency is recognized by a three letter code. For example EUR (is the EURO and refers to the European currency), USD (is the United States Dollar). The worlds leading currencies (often referred to as the majors) are the EUR, USD, JPY (Japanese Yen), GBP (the British Pound or Sterling), CHF (the Swiss franc), AUD (the Australian Dollar) and the CAD (the Canadian Dollar).

Currencies are traded in pairs and are displayed as such. There is always the three letter currency code a slash and another three letter currency code. The first currency displayed refers to the "base", "leading" or "primary currency"; the second currency refers to the "secondary currency".

For instance when looking at the EUR/USD the EUR is the leading currency and the USD is the secondary currency. The "currency pair" or "currency cross" is then followed by a number; this is typically a five digit number with a decimal point after the first, for instance 1.2660.

The number represents the ratio of one currency against the other, and can be read as "the amount of the secondary currency needed in order to have one unit of the major currency". In the example just given, EUR/USD 1.2660, one would require 1 Dollar and 26.6 cents to exchange for 1 Euro.

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